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Cao Dai Temple & Cu Chi Tunnels Highlight Tour 2022

08.00 AM
Tay Ninh, Cu Chi Tunnel


Cao Dai Temple & Cu Chi Tunnels trip will discovery 2 famous destination is Cao Dai Temple & Cu Chi Tunnels. On this day tour from Ho Chi Minh City you will be taken to two intriguing locations – Cao Dai Temple & Cu Chi Tunnels.

Cu Chi Tunnel
Cu Chi Tunnel


Cao Dai Temple & Cu Chi Tunnels will visit Cao Dai Temple first. Cao Dai Temple is the remarkable and beautifully ornate showpiece of a religion established in southern Vietnam as recently as 1926. Truly one of the world’s newest and most eclectic religions. At the Temple your guide will explain to you about the fascinating blend of religions behind the Cao Dai sect during one of the daily worship ceremonies inside the colorful temple. Like the Cao Dai religion itself, the building’s architecture marries eastern and western influences.  The temple is part-cathedral, part-pagoda, part-mosque, and part-fairytale.  Unusual pastel colors are embellished with gold and polished glass, and outside the building is guarded by ornate brightly-colored dragons that are as much fantasy as fearsome.

The interior is possibly even more striking than the outside. Swirling designs are complemented by various statues of religious figures standing side by side – a vision of peaceful harmony in a once war-torn area.

Cao Dai Temple & Cu Chi Tunnels continue to visit Cu Chi Tunnels. After a Vietnamese-style lunch at a local restaurant you’ll enjoy a comfortable drive through the countryside before arriving at the labyrinthine underground system of the Cu Chi Tunnels. This  elaborate network was used as a strategic military base by the Viet Cong because of its proximity to the southern capital of Saigon. It contained schools, hospitals, hidden kitchens, meeting rooms and living quarters during the Vietnam War (known in Vietnam as the American War) that connected several villages. Today, it is preserved by the government as a memorial park. See a short film about the historical importance of the Cu Chi tunnels before walking with your guide into the forest where the tunnels are located. Discover what life was like down below as you crawl into some of the narrow passageways. Today the remaining tunnels offer visitors a real feel for what life was like for guerrilla fighters and their families who lived below ground during the war.

After your visit Cao Dai Temple & Cu Chi Tunnels, the tour ends with drop-off at your hotel.

Cu Chi Tunnel
Cu Chi Tunnel


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Cao Dai Temple & Cu Chi Tunnels


08.00 am: Indochina Today Travel's tour guide and driver meet and transfer you to Tay Ninh province to visit the religious centre of Caodaism, a local sect of Buddhism founded by Vietnamese people in the early 20th century.

12.00: Arrival at Cao Dai Temple, we will have the chance to join the daily ceremony at the temple of Cao Dai called Tayninh Holysee. The mid-day mass is very solemn and respectful.

1pm: Lunch at the restaurant.

Afternoon - Transfer to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, one of the few remaining monuments to the Vietnam War.

Beneath the ground lie 200 km of tunnels, dug by hand and inhabited by the forces of the Vietnamese guerillas during the conflict. At its peak, prior to the Tet Offensive in 1968, the tunnel complex was base to almost 10,000 troops. To this day, it remains one of the most impressive examples of the fierce fighting of the war.

Late afternoon, we arrival in Saigon, finish the trip. See you again!

*Tour Included:

  • Transportation as itinerary
  • English speaking guide
  • 01 Lunch at restaurant
  • Entrance fees as itinerary
  • Mineral water

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  • Personel extra services (drink, ...)
  • Other services are not mention in the includes area.
  • Tips for driver and tour guide