Vung Vieng Fishing Village – Bai Tu Long Bay Fishing Village 2021

Vung Vieng Fishing Village – Bai Tu Long Bay Fishing Village

Vung Vieng fishing village location in Bai Tu Long Bay The most beautiful fishing village in the world.
But a few years ago, because the fishing village was in the core zone of Halong Bay heritage, the whole fishing village was moved ashore.
The first is that children can attend school properly, and take care of their health
Secondly, to facilitate the protection of landscape and environment … Vung Vieng fishing village left a lot of regret in the hearts of visitors when coming back .. where is an idyllic fishing village full of colorful fish culture Northern people ?! The remaining hour of Vung Vieng is an aquaculture area applying science and technology. Fishermen still stay to raise fish and rowing bamboo boat for tourism .. The guide becomes environmental protection in Halong Bay.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village Google Map

Vung Vieng Village
Vung Vieng Village

What is the Vong Vieng fishing village in the past and present.

Only about 20 minutes by boat from the harbor, Vung Vieng fishing village is surrounded by rocky islands, so the bay in Vung Vieng is just rolling like lake water. Every season is so beautiful, shy is from September to April next year. That is also the time when European and American tourists, especially cruise tourists, and overnight cruise tourists on the bay visit the knife fishing village around the aquaculture area, participate in fishermen’s production activities, experience together, listen to explanations about the process of raising fish, feeding the fish and watching each flock of fish swim around.

Vung Vieng Fishing village
Vung Vieng Fishing village

The bay surface in Vung Vieng fishing village is green and short, without a pile of trash, fishermen staying in the village are the protection of the living environment.
The environment and landscape are much cleaner and beautiful compared to when the village still has more than 60 households living and 250 people in the village .. Those who have been here for a long time cannot help but be happy !!!
Previously, in Vung Vieng fishing village was very fun – Winter was fun and colorful in Halong fishing village and full of laughter and joyful activities, the sea echoes throughout the night. guarding and rowing jobs for tourists
Now, Vung Vieng fishing village has become an area for raising fish in cages to apply science and technology. Currently, the village has 27 raft houses, each fishermen’s household here is granted the right to use 300 m2 of the water surface and build a house for raising fish on 180 square meters of water surface. Each raft is 3mx3m in size, raising about 200 fish. There are some types of fish with high economic value, such as Song fish, Cobia, and Yellow-fin White Bird.
During the peak tourist season from September to April next year, every day the fishing village welcomes about 600 tourists. Tourists use the full capacity of 90 orchid boats and 115 Kayak boats.

Vung Vieng Fishing village
Vung Vieng Fishing village

What activities does Vung Vieng now have?

As Mr. Tang Van Phien – director of Van Chai Cooperative, now Vong Vieng fishing Village is implementing two responsible tourism programs.
• Fish raising program with fishermen in raft house cluster No. 3, Visitors can participate in the experience of raising fish, feeding fish and teaching themselves the process of raising and fishing in the morning and afternoon.
• Currently, the fishing village authorities have activities to encourage fishermen to protect the environment by collecting waste for treatment.
You visit the fishing village by 2 means: kayaking or by a fisherman rowing boat for you.
There are many diversified tourism products here at Vung Vieng fishing Village
• Experimental sailing by a fisherman
• Fishing with fishermen at the fishing grounds
• Dragon boating and racing

Vung Vieng Fishing village
Vung Vieng Fishing village

How to go to Vong Vieng fishing village?

Currently, tourists can visit Vung Vieng fishing village via route 4
• Route 4: Hang Co – Hang Thay – Vung Vieng fishing village – Hang Cham La – Cong Dam fishing village or Tung Ang – Cong Do or Hon Du ecological area. (Ticket price: 200,000 VND / time / person)
• Route 4 and overnight: Hang Co, Hang Thay, Vong Vieng fishing village, Caves La Cave, Cong Dam fishing village or Tung Ang-Cong Do ecological area (or Hon Duoc).
(Ticket price: 500,000 VND / time / person. Stay 1 night; Ticket price: 650,000 VND / time / person. 2 nights stay on the bay)

Vung Vieng Fishing village
Vung Vieng Fishing village

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