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Trinh Nu Cave Halong Bay – Vietnam

Halong Bay has a lot of caves, each cave has its own courtesy and so does Trinh Nu Cave, Trinh Nu Cave is located on the island of Bo Hon – Ha Long Bay. Trinh Nu Cave is also associated with the story of love between a couple. Although its end is traumatic, the story is also a reason to explain the mysterious natural phenomena – the birthplace of caves on Halong Bay.

Trinh Nu Cave History

I do not know since when, folk say that at that time – long ago, on Ha Long Bay, there was a very beautiful fisherman. Her family is poor, and her family has to work as a hired laborer for the landlord in the area. Seeing her beautiful, the landlord forced her family to marry her as his baby wife. The girl refused because she had a lover as a poor boy specializing in fishing. That boy was setting out to sea to prepare for their wedding. Unable to force her, the landlord exiled her to a deserted island. The girl was starving and exhausted. On a terrifyingly rainy night, she petrified here. The place where the girl turned to petrified was the Virgin’s cave. In the middle of the cave, there is still a stone statue of a woman, lying with long hair, eyes looking out to sea, waiting for her lover to return.

That night, knowing that she was in an accident, the young man was engrossed in sailing to find her. At night, a storm came, causing the boy’s boat to shatter, and he was washed ashore on a deserted island. In a flash, he looked far away and found his lover beckoning, but his reply was blown away by the wind. The boy used a rock to hit the cliff to inform her that he had come. He tapped when the blood in his hand was flowing profusely, until he was exhausted and he turned to stone. The place where the young man petrified is now Trong cave (also called Son cave), about 700-800m from Trinh Nu cave in the opposite direction. At the entrance of the cave, there is still a statue of a petrified boy facing the Virgin Virgin cave. The traces of the storm that night were still there, those were the crumbles of rock and rocks scattered in the cave, the wind roared through the cliffs and the foam was still bouncing white …

Trinh nu cave
Trinh nu cave

Years of occupation of the Mines before, when mapping, although there were many French islands named their way, but with Trinh Nu cave, they followed the legend of Halong fishermen, named hang is La vierge (translated into Vietnamese as “Hang of a girl”). The love story that is somewhat haughty has made many curious visitors want to once visit Trinh Nu cave, Trong cave, or at least watch the cave when the ship passed …

Trinh nu cave
Trinh Nu – Trong Cave

Besides the legend of a love story, Trinh Nu Cave is also one of archaeological relics on Halong Bay. In 2000, archaeologists discovered in the cave the vestiges of prehistoric residents of Halong Culture (about 4,000 years ago) with traces such as ash layers, animal bones, ceramic fragments and diodes. stone object. In 2010, archaeologists also discovered traces of the ancient ceramic wharf in the area in front of Trinh Nu cave with many pieces of pottery, china (mainly ceramic cans), pots and jars of all kinds with many patterns. Parallel or water-wave etched decoration. Here, people discovered many pieces of bowl and plate and it was identified in the ceiling period in the XIII-XIV centuries and the Le ceramic of the sixteenth-eighteenth century and in addition many ceramic fragments of the Chinese dynasties National. Based on the survey results, archaeologists believe that Trinh Nu Cave is a relic of the ancient ceramic wharf in the ancient Van Don trading port system, even though it is a small-scale and irregular wharf.

Trinh Nu Cave Location.

Currently, Trinh Nu and Trong cave are located in tourist route No. 2 on Halong Bay, including Sung Sot – Titop (or Soi Sim) cave – Me Dung cave – Dong Tien lake (or Hang Trong or Trinh Nu cave or Bo cave. Brown or Luon cave). Although knowing that the above painful love story is just a legend, visitors still want to be told when they have the opportunity to visit these two caves.

Trinh nu cave
Outside Trinh Nu Cave







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