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 Tra Bau fishing Village, Coming to Halong, visitors not only know the natural wonders with caves, poetic beaches, Tuan Chau island, Sunworld cable car but you can also participate in a completely new experience at Tra Bau fishing village treasure. Here, visitors have the opportunity to experience with fishermen exploring Tra Bau fishing village, enjoying the moments of floating on Halong Bay, kayaking on Lan Ha Bay.
Tra Bau fishing village is located on Lan Ha Bay to the south of Halong Bay in the territory of Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong. Unlike the bustling and vibrant areas with tourism activities in Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay still retains its wild beauty with many beautiful and little-known places that Tra Bau is For one real example

Tra Bau Village Google Map

Tra Bau village
Tra Bau village

Tra Bau Fishing Village Activities

At Tra Bau fishing village, visitors can experience a number of activities that only here can experience such as:
•  Catching snails, catching clams
• Stocking fish nets right at the Bay
• Kayaking or free hand to explore Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay …
When you come here, you often choose to travel by yacht overnight. After departing at Tuan Chau port, the cruise ship will move to the area of ​​Tra Bau fishing village where visitors will freely go kayaking to visit the fishing village and experience as a fisherman with local people here.

Tra Bau village
Tra Bau village

After being a fisherman at the fishing village, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a seafood feast at the raft house made from famous Ha Long products and the achievements that visitors have just gained during the trip. Fishing between the vast expanse of the sea is sure to give visitors an extremely enjoyable experience.
The special thing when visitors visiting Tra Bau fishing village will be able to participate in one of the activities that make up the interesting and unique feature when coming to Tra Bau which is the game and exchange at Pirate Club with foreign tourists. Become a pirate and participate in exciting games, you can also receive unexpected and valuable rewards. Visitors can also enjoy rowing hands!
To get the moments of enjoying the cool and fresh atmosphere here, visitors often choose a overnight boat tour to explore all the Tra Bau fishing village and experience kayaking around Lan Ha Bay area.

Tra Bau village
Tra Bau village

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