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Where Is Titop Island Is Located?

Titop Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Halong Bay located in the southeastern part of the Bay. The island is about 7-8 km from Bai Chay tourist boat port. Surrounding the island is Luc’s bay, in front is Sung Sot cave with Bo Hon island, the right is Dam Nam island.

Titop Island View
Titop Island View

How To Visit Titop Island.

Titop Island is one of the destinations on the second sightseeing route when traveling to Halong Bay and is the night stop for many cruises. So the best way to visit the island is to buy tickets, rent a canoe to visit the bay, or book a cruise tour to stay overnight on the bay.
On the journey on the route No. 2 – the route to explore the center of the famous cave park on the bay; You will arrive at Titop Island right after you finish visiting Soi Sim Island.
Especially recently, tours to Titop Island and islands on Halong Bay by seaplane have recently opened, receiving the attention of many tourists. Seaplane will depart from Tuan Chau Island and fly at an altitude of 300m for visitors to admire, the final destination of the trip is Titop. Each flight like that has a ticket price ranging from 2 million to 3 million / trip.
Before setting foot on the island, let’s learn interesting stories about the history and events associated with Titop Island.

Titop Island View
Titop Island View

Titop Island History.

Previously, Titop Island was very little known and had a folk name that was Graveyard Island or Red Cross. This name commemorates the sailors who died on a French cargo ship that crashed in Halong Bay and was buried on this island. Nowadays, when visiting the island, you can learn the entire history of the island through the rock session right in front of the island.
In 1962, to commemorate the island visit between Uncle Ho and Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Titop, Uncle asked everyone to get the name Titop for this island. So Titop’s name just like that to this day and become a symbol of the friendship between the two countries Vietnam – Soviet Union.

Titop Island View
Titop Island View

Titop Island Activities.

Today, Titop Island has become one of the pride of the people of Halong, a destination not to be missed when visiting the bay with its unique natural beauty different from the nearly 2000 remaining islands. on Halong Bay. Join DGB Indochina Today Travel to explore interesting activities on the island!

Titop Island View
Titop Island View

Enjoy Swimming At Titop Beach On The Island.

Unlike many other tourist destinations on Halong Bay, in addition to the beautiful natural scenery, charming water and mountains, Titop Island also owns a beautiful beach, called Titop beach or Moon Beach. The reason is called “Moon” beach because looking down from above, Titop beach is shaped like a moon embracing the island’s foot.
Compared to Soi Sim Island, Titop Island has a small beach, but it is quite quiet, airy and very clean, the sand on the beach is continuously washed by the tide up and down, pure white, clear blue sea water. season. Therefore, Titop beach becomes one of the favorite places of tourists, especially in the summer, this is one of the ideal places to avoid the heat.
Blue seas, white sand, sunshine – there are no longer just the beautiful seas in the south of our country; You can find the ideal space right there right at this beach. Especially, Titop beach is green in four seasons of the year with open space, no noise so you can come here at any time of the year.
In particular, this place also has a lot of space for young people to live virtual like in the second most beautiful beaches in the world.

Titop Island View
Titop Island View

Enjoy The Panoramic View Of Halong Bay On The Top Of Titop Island.

Do not hesitate to pass about 400 steps, to reach the top of Titop Island, surely this place will not disappoint you. Zooming the view around four, there are immense waves of water, suddenly feeling like a small one in the middle of the great nature and heaven. It is a picture with large and small islands, towering mountains, boats drifting indifferently on the water.
Right at my feet is a beach with smooth sand, the scene is so fragile, magical but also extremely magnificent, making visitors surprised and immersed.
In addition to activities on Titop beach, there are countless activities to attract tourists on the island such as kayaking, buoyancy, skydiving, etc. In particular, kayaking is a popular activity. Guests love to choose the most.

Titop Island View
Titop Island View

Some Notes When Visiting The Island

Do not miss some experiences of preparing utensils before going and notes when visiting this unique tourist destination on this island:
• You can rent a kayak to explore the island a kayak for 2 peoples for about 150,000 VND / hour
• There are no snacks on the island, so you can bring them from the mainland to the island
• Sunscreen because it is famous for being hot and sunny, can be used when you want to sunbathe on Titop beach
• Pay attention to follow the ladder system when climbing upstairs to the view of Titop island to protect yourself and those around you.
Besides Titop, it is impossible not to mention Luon Cave, one of the famous places of Halong. If you are interested in both places, then please register directly by following the link below to visit.
Hopefully, with the above information about Titop Island – the pearl of Halong Bay, you will have an interesting trip to explore here. Don’t forget to share with Indochina Today Travel your experiences about this island, as well as the beautiful Halong bay.

Titop Island View
Titop Island View

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