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Tien Ong Cave – Halong Bay Cave 2021

Not only a cave with natural wonders like other caves on the bay, Tien Ong cave is also a living witness to an ancient Vietnamese culture in Halong Bay. This place has an archaeological display area of ​​prehistoric relics, proving that life existed in the sea thousands of years ago.

tien ong cave

Preliminary About Tien Ong Cave

Tien Ong Cave is on the sightseeing route No. 3 of Halong Bay, about 18km from Tuan Chau port, equivalent to about 2 hours traveling by boat.
The cave is located at an altitude of 5m above sea level, has an entrance up to 50m wide, the length of the cave is about 156m (not too long compared to other large caves on the bay), divided into 2 parts separated by large stalactites. middle of the cave.
Inside the cave, there are 3 stalagmites similar to the image of 3 Tien Ong with a kind face and long beard, so the people around the area call the Tien Ong Cave.
Since the 1930s of the last century, archaeologists both domestic and international have come here and discovered archaeological sites here, after excavations have found evidence that this is the residence. living and living of the ancient Vietnamese belonging to the Soi Nhu culture on Halong Bay, dating back to 8,000 – 10,000 years ago.

tien ong cave

Tien Ong Cave Is The House Of The Ancient Man In The Heart Of Natural Wonder

As mentioned above, Tien Ong cave is the residence of the ancient Vietnamese people thousands of years ago, in the cave found relics such as stone, bone and pottery.
Stonework is mainly limestone with axes, spears and spears, besides pebbles and stalactites for crafting tools. Although not much, it showed dynamism in dealing with nature in order to adapt to the environment of Tien Ong cave residents in prehistoric times. This place can be considered as an important premise for the following marine cultures in the post-development period such as Cai Beo culture, Halong culture.

Tien Ong Cave
Tien Ong Cave

In 2017, Halong Bay Management Board cooperated with Quang Ninh Museum, Vietnam archeology institute to build an archaeological display model at Tien Ong cave. This is considered as an on-site museum that helps visitors not only admire the beauty of nature but also know a culture that existed in Halong Bay thousands of years ago.

Explore inside the cave

Tien Ong cave geological structure is divided into 6 main compartments, but this division of 6 compartments is only valid for geology, but for visitors, it is still divided into 2 main parts visually for easy distinction. .

On the sprawling floor of rocks with incomplete shapes, these are the rocks that collapsed from the cave ceiling during the geological shock of this place.

The bizarre limestone blocks, stalagmites are the result of the process of cracking, geological fault over millions of years that still continues today.

Tien Ong Cave
Tien Ong Cave

How To Get Here & What Is The Cost ?

Where And How Do You Come To Tien Ong Cave?

Tien Ong Cave is about 18km from Tuan Chau Port, equivalent to about 2 hours traveling by boat.

This is a site on route 3, so you can come here by purchasing tickets to the route 3 and renting a sightseeing train. Outside of this place, you will be able to visit other spots on line 3 such as: Ho Ba Ham; Cua Van fishing village; The Angels …

However, there are usually very few cruise ships on this line 3, or arguably none, and this line 3 is mostly new overnight cruises, usually 2 day 1 night tours. or 3 days 2 nights.

There is another way that you arrange to buy tickets on line 3 and rent a train for the day to run on their own accord, but this way is only suitable for groups of 20 or more to reduce costs and rent. Minimum ship is about 4 million or more depending on the peak season and quality of the vessel.

What Is The Cost ?

As mentioned above, only overnight tours are organized here, so the cost is included in the tour prices of travel companies. When buying the whole tour, you will be going to other addresses in this line 3, in addition to the tours you can apply for transfer (from line 3 to line 2) so you can go to locations of line 2 like Ti Island Top, Soi Sim Island, very interesting, isn’t it.

The prices of these tours are usually not fixed and vary widely among travel agencies, however the minimum costs are as follows:

– Tour 2 days 1 night: 2,500,000 VND / person or more

– Tour 3 days 2 nights: 4,800,000 VND / person or more

 This cost usually does not include: shuttle bus; boat or kayak charter and other value-added services This is the general minimum cost, depending on the class of the train (3, 4 or 5 stars) and services associated with the fare can be high than.

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