Thien Cung Cave – Halong Bay Cruises Tours Update 2021

Thien Cung Cave – Halong Bay Cruises Tours

If you are like to discovery the caves, then surely Thien Cung Cave in your Halong travel itinerary will not disappoint you. Halong Bay has countless mysterious caves, but why is Thien Cung Cave outstanding? Let us do some research in this article before choosing a Halong Tour itinerary and discover it firsthand!
Thien Cung Cave holds cultural and historical values ​​of Halong land. Above all, with precious archaeological vestiges, possessing a unique landscape here has always created an attraction for domestic and international visitors to experience.

Thien Cung Cave View
Thien Cung Cave View

Where Is Thien Cung cave Located?

Located in the southwest of Halong Bay, Thien Cung cave is located about 4km from the cruise ship port. The way up to the cave was cliffed by cliffs, trees covered both sides. Archaeologists have determined that Thien Cung is a relic of the Soi Nhu culture.
Today, the most remaining archaeological remains are at the cave entrance and cave platform. It is Melania snail shell sediment (freshwater snail) that has been white by carbonates. In addition, scientists also found historic discoveries from the Stone Age as a stone tool in the cave, possibly a javelin that prehistoric people used to hunt animals or for self purposes protection.
Follow the tour of Halong Bay to Thien Cung cave, you will come to a cave with an area of ​​nearly 10,000m. The structure is extremely complex, divided into many compartments, hierarchical, including high ceilings and wide walls. Wherever you go, tourists can also encounter strange stalactites and stalagmites.
Halong tourism heard the legend of Thien Cung cave
Having the opportunity to participate in the Hanoi Ha Long tour, you will hear about 

Thien Cung Cave View
Thien Cung Cave View

Thien Cung Cave A Legend.

Thien Cung Cave a Legend related to the ancient Dragon King, after helping people fight the enemy, the Dragon King returned to his cave. That year, the weather was heavy so people lost their crops. They had to ask for help from the Dragon King wishing he would do so.
How many people came to the dragon king’s cave without returning. There is a young couple who is not difficult and dangerous to manage, determined to find the Dragon King together. Later, the couple gave birth to a daughter named May. Growing up, she made the Dragon Prince’s heart flutter, their love was blossoming.
The wedding of Ms. May and the Dragon Prince was held for 7 days 7 nights at the center of the cave. To celebrate the wedding, the dragons hovered in hiding amidst the stalactite forest, the baby elephants and the two lions dancing.
Or the large serpent crawled around the base of the banyan tree, the eagles spread out their giant wings and waved … The scene became even more hilarious and exciting when the appearance of Nam Cao and Bac Dau.

Thien Cung Cave View
Thien Cung Cave View

How Amazing Of Thien Cung Cave

Halong Tour 2 days 1 night gives you the opportunity to admire the magical beauty of the underground paradise. From a distance, you will see a faint light leading the way to the cave entrance.
The deeper you go into the cave, the more visitors will be overwhelmed by the extremely splendid and vivid beauty due to the impressive stalactite structure. The multi-sculptured blocks in Halong Thien Cung cave all prove the refinement that the creator gave this place. The cave is divided into 3 distinct compartments with distinct features.

Thien Cung Cave View
Thien Cung Cave View

Thien Cung Cave The First Compartment.

In the first compartment, the huge picture exists, attracting attention to anyone who comes here. Tourists looking to the East of the cave will see that on the wall is like a giant picture, emerging ancient historical characters that are soft, flexible and delicate in every small detail.
Meanwhile, the northern cave appeared with an extremely vibrant image of fairies dancing. Above the ceiling is a dome, comprising a system of stalactites falling like a very unique crystal chandeliers.

Thien Cung Cave View
Thien Cung Cave View

Thien Cung Cave Second Compartment (center)

Following the tour of Halong Bay to the second compartment of Thien Cung cave, you will admire the four large-sized pillars with strange carvings from the foot to the top of the pillar. There, you will see pictures of human activities in daily life, flowers, birds … Under the cave arches, stalactites fall in clusters like splendid curtains.
This scene is considered the most beautiful not only in Thien Cung Cave, but you will not be able to find any caves in Halong or anywhere else.

Thien Cung Cave View
Thien Cung Cave View

Thien Cung Cave Last Compartment.

Lost in the last compartment of the cave, you feel like you are in a fairyland. The faint light, blending together to reflect the magnificent stone blocks. This place also has clear ponds, gurgling water all year round, imprinted with stone shapes on the water surface is really charming.
All have been combined together, creating a magnificent, mysterious beauty that is no less dreaming in Thien Cung cave. Cheap Halong cruise tour to visit Thien Cung Cave promises to bring you many new experiences. It may be a bit frightening, but you’ll find a rare peace.

Thien Cung Cave View
Thien Cung Cave View

Visit Dau Go Cave Next Thien Cung Cave.

In addition to Thien Cung cave, Halong travel, you should also take the time to go to Dau Go cave, these two places are very close to each other. The cave is located at an altitude of 27m, the same age as the Thien Cung cave formation.
Dau Go Cave is also divided into three main compartments. The outermost compartment has an arched shape, filled with natural light, the ceiling is likened to a giant picture, simulating the wild panorama with colorful stalactites and stalagmites. Depending on your imagination, each person will see lions sleepy, elephants going for food or star deer, bewildered, turtles swimming …
Through the narrow door compartment in the first compartment, visitors enter the second compartment of Dau Go cave. The new picture exists faintly, mysteriously with the stone flower clusters when hidden when present. At the third compartment, the cave opened suddenly.
The last area of ​​the cave is a fairy well that flows year round, clear in color. You will recognize the surroundings as images of the battle between humans and animals with many tools. It seems all are rushing and petrifying ..
With its mystical looks, Thien Cung Cave becomes one of the most attractive destinations in Halong trip. Indochina Today Travel will help you book the best trip in Halong Bay.

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