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Thay Cave – Halong Cave Tour

If the name of Halong Bay is familiar to domestic and foreign tourists, the name Bai Tu Long Bay is a name that sounds new. Located in the Halong Bay area – one of the world natural wonders recognized by the Unessco, Bai Tu Long Bay is still wild, along with a strange peacefulness that attracts many visitors to explore. and relax. Little-known does not mean that it is not beautiful, but just because this place has just been put into operation for tourism. This place has so many beautiful cave like Halong bay. Thay Cave is one of most beautiful cave in Halong bay.
Thay Cave is located next to the “folding rock park” of Bai Tu Long Bay, on the cruise ship that takes guests to explore Bai Tu Long Bay, about 25km northeast of Quan cave. The reason for this name is because there are many stalactites in the shape of a book, a quill pen and a small stone tablet like a reading table. The door is located right next to the water’s edge, so just one step jump down from the canoe to the cave floor covered with a smooth smooth sand layer.
According to the survey of Ha Long Bay Marine Recreation and Heritage Conservation Center, Thay cave has a width of about 3m, a depth of about 150m. The temperature in the cave will be different, and it will be colder when entering the cave.. White stone bamboo shoots sprouted abundantly between the paths, making visitors seem lost in a stalagmite forest. The interesting thing is that there is a small lake in the cave and the water is flowing down from the mountain. The dome is very wide with many drooping stalactites of all kinds. The light from the cave entrance, reflecting on natural stalactites iridescent, together with the murmur of streams, brings a feeling of mysterious and exotic charm.
The cave has a low-lying cave entrance, arched door shape and close to sea level, in front of the cave are collapsed large rocks covered by the rich green vegetation.
It has many stalactites and stalagmites, both in the development process and they have many different and unique shapes. There is a special thing in the cave is there are some stalagmites shaped like a pen, with a study desk or even a private classroom.

Thay Cave
Thay Cave

Kayaking Around Thay Cave.

Near the Thay cave have few sand beach. This is a great area and very suitable for kayaking, in addition to many natural white sand beaches, you will have a great experience when you come here.

Thay Cave
Thay Cave

How Visit The Thay Cave

Where is Thay Cave? How to come?

Thay Cave is about 20km from Hon Gai Port, So you can take overnight boat or day trip boat also
This is a site on route 4, so you can come here by purchasing tickets to the route 4 and renting a sightseeing train. Along with the journey of discovering Thay Cave, you can also continue your journey to explore other points such as Vung Vieng fishing village, Thien Canh Son Cave ...
However, there are usually very few cruise ships on this line 4 day, arguably none, but this line 4 is mostly new overnight cruises, usually 2 day 1 night tours or 3 days 2 nights.
You can also arrange to charter a private train and buy a train ticket line 4 to bring it here at your discretion, but this method is only applicable to groups of about 20 people or more to save costs and rent. only about 5 million or more, depending on the quality of the boat (3, 4 or 5 stars) and the accompanying services

What The Cost.

As mentioned above, only overnight tours are organized here, so the cost is included in the tour prices of tour companies, when purchasing the whole tour you will be able to go to the address the other is also in this line 4.
The prices of these tours are usually not fixed and vary widely among travel agencies, however the minimum costs are as follows:
– Tour 2 days 1 night: 2,400,000 VND / person or more
– Tour 3 days 2 nights: 4,400,000 VND / person or more
This cost usually does not include: shuttle bus; boat or kayak charter and other value-added services This is the general minimum cost, depending on the class of the train (3, 4 or 5 stars) and services associated with the fare can be high than.
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Thay Cave
Thay Cave







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