Halong Bay Squid Fishing – Halong Fishing Tour 2021

Halong Bay Squid Fishing 

Squid fishing at night on the sea during the days without a bright moon, hooks are pins like a shrimp, under the light of the floodlights, the squid think the hooks are shrimp and obediently take prey.
Fishing is not unfamiliar to many people, just a bamboo fishing rod and some bait, however, squid fishing is another great experience that many people do not want to miss when coming to Halong Bay (Quang Ninh).
After dinner, all passengers on the cruise ship staying the night on the bay eagerly awaited the very attractive introduction of squid fishing.
Squid fishing rods are made of hard bamboo that do not need the flexibility or flexion of a fishing rod. Squid hook is even more different, it is shaped like a shrimp, like a kind of fake bait. Especially, squid fishing does not need primer, just turn on high pressure light with white light to attract squid to the side of the ship.


fishing squid

After dinner time is the time for squid fishing, so the staff will take you go for fishing and trying with your lucky, may be you can catch a 30 squids at night. Hope you are lucky

How To Fishing

How to catch squid? You have to choose a place to drop the anchor in the deep and quiet water, then wait for dark around 8:00 pm you light up the light bulb, the light as bright as possible, then wait about 1 hour you start the squid fishing journey, to Catch the squid you often have to move the hook under the water to let the squid think it’s prey and ready to dive into your hook. Squid fishing is not difficult, as long as you are patient, you will surely catch a lot of squid, if you are really passionate you can squid until the next morning, I think you will catch a lot of squid.

fishing squid

In Halong bay, you will also see many squid fishing  fishermen boats, for fishing boats equipped with many lights to light up the entire sky around the fishing boat, then the fishermen can catch a lot of squid, Besides squid, fishermen can catch many other types of fish

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