Hospital Cave – Cat Ba Island Update 2021

Hospital Cave – Cat Ba Island 

Google Map Hospital Cave -Cat Ba Island, Cat Hai Island District, Hai Phong City: Sightseeing is popular in Cat Ba, Hai Phong
Hospital Cave is located on Cat Ba Island, Cat Hai Island District, Hai Phong City. The cave is located in Hung Son cave, next to the exclusive road across the island, 13km from Cat Ba town. Called Hospital Cave because during the war with the US, people built a hospital with hundreds of beds in the heart of the cave. The cave door is made of iron and steel alloy, over the years but still very solid

Hospital Cave
Hospital Cave

Hospital Cave Information.

Located right on the main road of Cat Ba National Park, Hospital Cave is a place you should visit if you have the opportunity to visit this island district. Surely you will be surprised by the monumental scale of a field hospital in the mountain. From the center of Cat Ba town about 13km, you only take about 30 minutes to reach Hospital Cave and this cave is easy to find because the signpost is located right next to the road.

Hospital Cave
Hospital Cave

The entrance of the cave is still the same as before (mobile wooden ladder can be destroyed when the enemy is alerted). You will also be guided into the cave by a “local guide” for VND 15,000 / person. Although only an amateur tour guide and rarely get guests, you will feel their enthusiasm every time you come here.
At the entrance to the first cave, you will find a solid iron door. Explaining why the door is bent, tour guide said, this is a way to prevent bullets and bomb fragments because when bullets are thrown, due to the curve of the door, they will shoot to the sides instead of being stuck directly in. damage the door. Right behind the solid door panel with 4 auxiliary iron posts, 1 main is the entrance to the field hospital with an extremely majestic scale. The entrance can be a bit small, making you a little scared by its coldness and lack of light.

Hospital Cave
Hospital Cave

The light along the corridor is almost only bright enough for traveling. You would think this was a bomb shelter but not at all it was a cave inside the mountain. A fairly large hospital room in the field hospital. By design, the first floor is the main area including 14 function rooms. The second floor is the screening and fitness area. The third floor is the reception hall, the guard room and the officer room.
A standing room of doctors in the field hospital appeared before the explorer right after opening the door. You will also find drains located along hospital corridors. It is estimated that the entire field hospital is nearly 2,000 square meters wide, including 3 separate floors including 17 large and small rooms, movie theater and some function rooms. This instructor is pointing to introduce, the lighting system is provided to each room to ensure the rescue and treatment of patients during the war.
To get to the 2nd floor, there are 2 paths up and are not easy because to make it difficult for the enemy if they attack suddenly. The movie theater area is also the hall, where combat practice … Although there are very low ceilings, crawling is required to move, but it is very suitable for training. The entrance to the 3rd floor is also very difficult in a hurry. This is how to prevent the enemy from attacking quickly.
To get to the 2nd floor, there are 2 paths up and are not easy because to make it difficult for the enemy if they attack suddenly
In case the enemy could attack inside, everyone from the 3rd floor could jump into the water tank located below the 2nd floor, then rush out to the exit hatch and run straight to the side exit. In addition, in this cave there is an underground staircase that goes right below the third floor. It leads to the emergency exit of the 3rd floor and out towards the back door of the hospital. At the end of the tunnel are 2 large iron doors against enemy raids and attacks. This would also be an escape route if the enemy attacked from the front door.
Hospital Cave is also a historic place because it was a field hospital during the time of the American Empire’s escalating bombardment in North Vietnam.
Hospital Cave is also a historical place because it used to be a field hospital during the period of an escalating bombardment of North Vietnam in the years 1963 – 1965 by aircraft and warships. During this time, the Army and the people on the island built a cave based on the natural limestone mountain to serve as a place to heal wounded, shelter, avoid bombs, local residents and residents evacuated from Bach Island. Dragon Tails.

Hospital Cave
Hospital Cave

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