Halong Pearl Farm – Halong Bay Pearl Farm Update 2021

Halong Pearl Farm – Halong Pearl Tour 2021

Traveling to Halong Bay, many tourists, especially international tourists, are very impressed with the practical experience tour, learn firsthand the process of making sparkling pearls of Halong Pearl Farm. For a long time, the quality and brand name of Halong Pearl Farm have been confirmed and created a reputation with domestic and foreign tourists. This is a unique and attractive tourism product to tourists when coming to Halong Bay.
Currently, the Halong Pearl Farm has 2 attractions to cultivate pearls and buy pearl jewelry souvenirs in Halong Bay. It is a visit to the area of ​​cultivating, producing and selling pearl products at Tung Sau Pearl Farm and Vung Vieng Pearl Farm, Halong Bay and My Ngoc Center Tourist Point at the company’s headquarters, Ha Khau Ward, Ha Long City. All 3 shopping attractions of the Company have been recognized by the Department of Tourism for the shopping point to meet the standards for tourists.

Halong Pearl Farm
Halong Pearl Farm

Where Is Halong Pearl Farm 

As a unit with extensive experience in culturing pearls, Halong Pearl Farm is a pioneer in the closed production process according to Japanese technology, from breeding, breeding, and transplanting pearls, and processing pearl products.
Halong pearls are salty water pearls, so they have outstanding and distinct advantages compared to freshwater pearls. Under ideal conditions, if seawater pearls have a lifespan of up to hundreds of years, freshwater pearls have a durability of only 20 to 30 years. Seawater pearls have natural colors, made up of millions of living cells from mussels, so each pearl in addition to its primary color (black, yellow, white) also converges all five colors under each light. refractive light differently. Therefore, sea pearls are also known under the name “Feng Shui Resolver”.
The most impressive thing when visitors to the attractions of Halong Pearl Farm is that visitors can witness firsthand all the process of forming a gem, from culturing to harvesting, especially when visitors come directly to two production points of Halong Pearl Farm. Here, visitors will be attentive and thoughtful by a team of speakers who introduce meticulously information about pearls, each stage of product production. Tourists coming to visit can freely explore and choose for themselves the beautiful, high-quality pearls that are carefully crafted with great sophistication and splendor. This is a favorite attraction of many international delegations and is the destination that many travel companies put in tours to visit Halong Bay.

Halong Pearl Farm
Halong Pearl Farm

Where I Can Buy Halong Pearl ?

If the two attractions on Halong Bay focus on the process of culturing and producing raw pearls, the My Ngoc Center on the shore focuses on the processing of products. These points are all points for introducing, displaying and selling pearl jewelry items.
With a fairly spacious ground area, My Ngoc Center area was built airy, visitors coming here can freely choose for themselves the rich jewelry and souvenirs made from pearls. Here, products made from pearls are quite diversified, carefully crafted, sparkling colors, shiny colors, and different sizes create attractive jewelry for women such as: necks, bracelets, rings, earrings … Other components such as the shell of a boy through the skillful hands of the craftsmen are crafted into very unique jewelry and souvenirs … Along with the souvenir display area, My Ngoc Center also has a separate area for visitors to learn about the processing process from raw pearls to delicate jewelry. Staff, technicians of the Company are considerate and thoughtful to guide visitors to visit each stage, visitors will have more experiences as well as new knowledge about activities in the perfecting process Pearl. Then, you can choose for yourself a pearl product like the best.
The highlight of Halong pearls is evaluated by experts to have high purity, thick nacre cover, many luxurious and attractive natural colors such as gold, lychee, cherry pink, aqua gray…. conquering the most demanding customers.
In 2015, Halong Pearl Farm’s Ha Long pearl product was recognized as OCOP product of Halong City. In April 2016, Ha Long pearls were rated 4 stars at the OCOP Provincial Product Rating and Evaluation Contest in 2016. By 2017, the Company’s Pearl products were rated 5 stars. At the same time, this product also meets international standards. However, the selling price is about 20-30% lower than the world pearl price. Therefore, customers of the Company have up to 90% of international customers (mainly French, American, British, Australian, Swedish, Dutch …). Every day, each of the Company’s attractions and shopping venues welcomes thousands of visitors.
Halong pearls are currently one of the unique tourism products of Quang Ninh. In addition to making high-end jewelry to serve the shopping needs as souvenirs for tourists coming to Quang Ninh, Halong pearls are also exported to Vietnam.

Halong Pearl Farm
Halong Pearl Farm

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