Halong Bay Review Experience Update 2021

Halong Bay Review Experience New Update 2021

Halong Bay Review Experience 2020 in detail: Time, travel, hotel, dining, sightseeing, shopping … etc promises to help you have a happy trip and many memories.

Halong Bay View
Halong Bay View

Halong Bay Review Experience For Every One.

Halong Bay is a world natural heritage recognized by UNESSCO. Halong is considered as “An extremely vivid giant water-color painting”, it is an invaluable gift that nature gives to Quang Ninh in particular and the tourism industry in general. Halong’s atmosphere is very fresh, the scenery is beautiful, seafood is also delicious with specialties “sá devot”. Generally going to Halong about you will feel very great. And here we would like to share Halong Bay Review Experience.

When Should I Travel To Halong Bay?

The most beautiful time to travel to Ha Long and here Halong Bay Review Experience would like to let you know some thing about the Halong Bay Weather. 
What season is Halong tourism, which month is the most beautiful? The choice of time to travel to Ha Long is also very important, affecting your trip.
Foreign tourists often like to go to Halong in winter, starting from November until new year. For domestic tourists, Halong often in summer, from May to July. Psychology is that going on vacation is mainly combined with visiting Halong Bay. This is also the time when students are on vacation, so they will be traveling with their families. Objectively speaking, the best time to travel to Halong is in the autumn, from August to October. In addition, from May 4-5, Halong Bay is also very beautiful.
Autumn in Halong Bay is very beautiful, the time from September to November in Halong is always sunny, the weather is not so cold, you can still swim in the sea. There are also fewer storms at this time. If you travel to Halong in June – July, storms often fall in the North. When it rains, the landscape on the bay will be more bleak, it is possible to prohibit the sea from taking tourists to the bay and overnight on the bay.
Halong tourism should prepare what / What should bring when traveling to Ha Long

Bai Tu Long Bay Travel Information
Bai Tu Long Bay Travel Information

Halong Bay Review Experience -What Should I Bring To Halong Bay?

Prepare clothes, sunscreen, medicine, swimwear, shoes…. Things you need to prepare for your trip:
In summer, Ha Long has famous beaches so women should bring sunscreen to protect their skin.
Do not forget to bring a pair of sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of cardboard for easy travel
Swimwear because if you rent it, you will have to be very expensive and do not forget to bring a camera to capture the best moments.

How Book A Halong Bay Cruise.

There are so many way to book Halong Bay cruise, from Online Travel Agency or from local travel angency, here Indochina Today Travel would like to support all cruise tour at below.

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Halong Bay Deluxe Cruises

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