Cua Van Fishing Village – Halong Travel Guide 2021

Cua Van Fishing Village – Halong Fishing Village 2021

Cua Van fishing village is located in a calm sea on Halong Bay, surrounded by rocky mountains called Van Gia – Cua Van. This area is an ideal site for mooring vessels.

Located in the heart of Halong Bay – a World Natural Heritage recognized by UNESCO twice, for many years, Cua Van fishing village (Hung Thang ward) has become an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Cua Van Village View
Cua Van Village View

How Beautiful Cua Van Fishing Village

Coming to Cua Van fishing village, visitors not only can immerse themselves in the quiet, peaceful, exotic space, admire the charming natural landscape, learn about the cultural life of fishermen. But also the village women in the fishing village directly instructed to visit, instructed how to row a boat, spread nets, fished shrimp and fish …

Cua Van fishing village originated from two ancient fishing villages, Giang Vo and Truc Vo, together with the islands, became a part constituting Halong Bay, now in Hung Thang ward (Ha Long city). Cua Van fishing village is currently inhabited by 176 households, with over 750 people, most of them living by fishing.

Coming to Cua Van fishing village, visitors can easily be attracted to the beauty of boats, bamboo canals parked in front of the house, houses tied together against thunderstorms, simple and simple fishermen. with hospitable, dark-skinned children, small figure but smiling, very cheerful, innocent … The scene is peaceful, peaceful, full of primitive features of a fishing village on the sea.

When night falls, visitors will be rowing boat to visit around the village, with fishermen pulling nets, going out to sea to catch squid, mixed with each salty taste of fishermen.

Following the footsteps of the female fishing villages, under the bright moonlight, visitors can delightfully play, nervously watch the funny shapes moving on the rocky mountains. The most interesting is when tourists manually catch the fish and shrimp caught in the net, put them in the basket, process them by themselves, enjoy the seafood that they catch.

In the nights when the fishing village joins the festival, or has a wedding, visitors can also hear the fishermen singing teas and chèo singing (a form of performance with many endemic folk tunes in Halong Bay). All create an extremely attractive, unique.

Not stopping there, when coming to Cua Van fishing village, visitors will continue to enjoy more new and unique forms of tourism, such as visiting Tien Ong cave, Ba Ham lake, mountain climbing, squid fishing, to the fishing lagoon … with the means of transport are wooden boats, wooden boats … transported by fishermen in the fishing village.

Today the best way to visit this fishing village is to choose cruises to stay overnight on the bay, on the cruise it will visit the fishing villages, visitors can easily explore by kayaking or paddle boats.

Cua Van Village View
Cua Van Village View

Where Is Cua Van Fishing Village?

Cua Van fishing village is a small, ancient village located in the North, about 14 km from Dong Duong town, near Ong Lang beach. It is a peaceful, simple fishing village, leaning on a clear blue beach, salty and salty all year round. Coming to this ancient fishing village, visitors to Halong Bay tour can relax in the shade of trees, feel the sun, or breathe cool breeze from the sea. In addition, visitors can explore and experience the hard and hard life, but always radiant laughter from the people here.

Cua Van fishing village view
Cua Van fishing village view

How To Move To Cua Van Fishing Village?

Cua Van fishing village is tens of 14km from the mainland by sea, so the main means of transportation here is boats. In Halong, visitors can buy tickets for the day by boat or canoe to the fishing village. However, if you want to visit the fishing village for longer, you can book a cheap Halong Cruise and experience the luxury life with luxury dishes on board. Halong Tourism currently develops and gives you many choices of cruises, from 3 stars to 5 stars depending on your affordability and needs. Note that when coming to Cua Van fishing village, tourists should prepare a backup charger for electronic devices and phones because the power source here is quite weak and almost no power supply.

Cua Van Village View
Cua Van Village View

What Is Special About Cua Van Fishing Village?

Anyone who has been to Cua Van fishing village has to exclaim because the scene is so peaceful and beautiful, like being lost in a wonderland. Not only that, it seems that all the quintessence, all the characteristics of the white sandy sea area converge in daily life in Cuu Van fishing village. Like a small oasis amidst countless wonders, Cua Van village always has its own charm and stands out in the majestic and magnificent natural landscape of Halong Bay.

Coming to Halong Bay, do not miss the journey to discover Cua Van fishing village, where you can feel the most authentic and lively way of life of fishermen. Their life all year round is attached to the sea, with traditional values ​​still preserved to this day.

Coming to Cua Van village, tourists on Halong tour from Hanoi seem to escape the busy and busy urban life. No longer hear the loud siren, no more bright led lights, … all there is silence, sometimes the sound of knocking on the side of the boat or the sound of people calling each other out. Cua Van floating village now has about 300 households living, most of them only work in fishing. Along the edge of the island, visitors will see simple and floating raft houses of fishermen here. In front of the house are old bamboo tombs, imprinted on the storms in the sea. Coming to Cua Van fishing village, seeing the boat only finds it attractive and lovely. The home of Cuu Van fishing village are extremely simple, they smile idiosyncratic and give visitors loving waves. Children with dark, dark skin since childhood, smiling carefree strangely made everyone suddenly feel a little happy inside.

If you travel to Halong for many days, set aside a day to explore the beautiful old village of Cua Van fishing village! In particular, when coming to the sunny and windy sea area, there is nothing better than enjoying Cua Van fishing village specialties. All dishes in the village have seafood ingredients from the working hands of the local people, so they are always fresh and nutritious. In the evening, visitors also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the joyful life of the fishermen: canoeing themselves around the village, enjoy singing, singing, cheo songs of the people of Ha Long ,. .. In addition, the late night squid fishing activity is also loved by many tourists. You can join the fishing net with the fishermen to catch the fresh and delicious squid, fish and shrimp by yourself. For sure, it will be an extremely enjoyable experience that you will never forget in life.

Visitors to Halong tour from Hanoi can also visit the Cua Van fishing village Cultural Center – a model of fishermen’s life that has been attracting attention recently. Cua Van fishing village Cultural Center is where you can find traditional cultural values ​​in the daily life of Halong Bay fishermen, and keep exchange activities between residents and tourists. With over 1200 vivid documentary images and artifacts in the cultural center, visitors will have the fullest and clearest view of the life of fishermen in the past and present on Halong Bay. The artifacts are arranged, modeled on 5 main themes: Material life, How to make a living, Hydroponics with human life, For today and get back forever and finally Spirit and life. spiritual life. This place also preserves more than 10 old houses so that visitors can see the life of fishermen in the sea and take photos and record the beautiful moments in their Halong trip.

Traveling to Cua Van fishing village – which is recognized by UNESCO many times as a world natural heritage – always gives visitors a more optimistic and positive outlook on life. If you need to find new inspiration for your tedious life, do not hesitate to come to the magical fairy village in your Halong travel itinerary!

Cua Van Village
Cua Van Village

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