Cong Do – Bai Tu Long Bay Update 2021

Cong Do – Bai Tu Long Bay

Located in the southeast of Ha Long Bay, 25 km from Bai Chay tourist boat port, Cong Do island is located in Bai Tu Long Bay, in the World Natural Heritage area. The island has an area of ​​23,363 km2 with a peak of 172 m.
This is one of the beautiful islands with many meandering sea valleys, creating interesting natural lakes, home to many species of marine life such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid, seaweed, algae … the southwest of the island has a large coral reef with thousands of colors.
The coral reef ecosystem here is more than 700 m long, 300 m wide with many rare corals such as red corals, horns … The coral reefs here are preserved almost intact. ornamental fishes, seahorses … coexistence. In the future, this place will develop into an underground eco-tourism area.
In the southeast of the Cong Do island, there are still traces of ancient Van Don trading port, though faint, but this confirms that ancient Cong Do island held an important position in trade and trade with foreign countries.
A lake hanging on a mountain but that mountain is like a mountain set on the vast sea. Therefore, Cong Do Island is a small landscape with its own unique features on the great landscape of Ha Long, has the value of marine biology research, and also has a great attraction to tourists from all over the world.
Less than an hour by canoe from Bai Chay tourist boat port, guests can set foot on Cong Do island. The island is a large type on Ha Long Bay, the surface is more than 23 km2, the landscape is diverse and attractive by the sea basins deeply ingrained in the island to create talented gliders, by the wild features of rocky mountains and trees.
And a chain of lakes and lakes and a large lake mirror glistening like a mirror in the middle of the island, bearing the feng-shui features of the mother dragon nest that incubates the baby dragon, gentle and relaxed forever without knowing the time.
The jade green lake chain is a beautiful highlight. The steam that nourishes herbs from the dawn of time gives the cool, calming sensation of your skin that has been condensed for thousands of years.
Today, visitors to the Cong Do island enjoy the exploration of a natural gem that remains untouched.
The beast of climbing, the immense coolness of the sea, like an invisible veil wiping the sweat, so that it can pass through the dense, leafy mountainside, when reaching the top, it suddenly froze when the blue color of the lake mirrors filled the city. sense.
There are many rocky mountains surrounding the lake, young men like to try their best, they can find a steep peak that gradually ferments, more adventurous, choose the highest rocky mountain up to 172 m.
Watching the Cong Do lake and enjoying the wind, guests have the opportunity to carefully contemplate the pictures of biodiversity herbs, blending together into a harmonious complex with many designs and colors.
The vines are tangled, crawling on rock, climbing over the trellis bushes and then encircling the tangerines on the trees, not sparing even the big trees reaching out and spreading as if to escape.
They are like wild pink children engrossed in playing the game of eternal pursuits that are never bored.
Scientists also have their own interests in exploring diverse ecosystems.
The races of the relatives of algae and algae have erupted for millions of years, creating a green carpet on the seabed forever.
The mollusks, clams, mussels and shrimps, squid. The more numerous relatives of fish species are, the swarms of herds swim right next to the edge of the lake, boldly eager to prey, and releasing fishing is very interesting. The southwest of the island is a forest of multi-species coral with a variety of colors.
Rare and rare species can still be found such as horn coral and red coral. The colorful coral forest stretches endlessly, giving the feeling of a melodious, multimodal chorus, as the background for the long-body male seahorse dancers to trot and ornamental fish in colorful dancers. Forgive me, I do not know when I am going to perform passionately in a peaceful and mysterious aquarium …

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Cong Do What’s Interesting

With the wonderful beauty of the Cong Do area, any visitor here can fall in love. Preserved for 340 million years of geological preservation Halong Bay is the most prominent area with small limestone islands. There are many coral reefs here, there are many small lakes surrounded by rocky mountains. Besides, there are also many natural sand beaches with smooth moon and clear blue water. Cong Do is a less cruise ship area, this is a fairly quiet area for fishermen to stay, kayaking is a great activity to explore the fishermen’s life here. To explore this place you need 3-4 hours of kayaking here, in addition you can immerse yourself in the blue water with natural white sand. This is also a safe anchorage surrounded by mountains for overnight excursions, after dinner you can join squid fishing. 

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