Cat Ba Island – Overnight Cat Ba Island – Cat Ba Tour 2021

Cat Ba Island – Lan Ha Bay

Cat Ba Island with a total area of 336km2, Cat Ba is currently the largest limestone archipelago in Vietnam with 388 large and small islands with dense limestone density separating the sea surface into small bays and coves, with many intact sandy beaches. preliminary creating interesting landscape. The Cat Ba Island Archipelago is recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as the 2014 World Biosphere Reserve as an attractive tourist destination not to be missed in your journey to explore the sea. islands of Vietnam.

cat ba island

Our first stop is Little Cat Ba eco-friendly tourist area of ​​2,000m2, located inside Ang Nuoc Trong with a temperate and cool climate, so many tourists choose to resort to explore the chain “pearl island”.
We travel by cruise ship from Cai Beo wharf to Lan Ha Bay. Lan Ha Bay is located in the east of Cat Ba Island, where there are dense chains of islands forming the sea surface into 139 beaches with clear, cool water.
In Lan Ha, tourists use a kayak to travel on clear blue water to see the coral beaches of Van Boi, Van Ha and explore caves such as Vom, Ham Rong, Deo caves with a sense of lightness enjoy in the ocean waves.
The next stop is Viet Hai ancient village, a community eco-tourism destination that has attracted tourists in the past few years. Viet Hai ancient village has 90 households living in ancient houses nestled in the middle of a valley surrounded by rocky mountains and old forest. The hospitable people here guided our group to visit the old houses and go to the garden to grow vegetables and make wet rice. Coming here, we seem to see the old life features of the Northern Delta countryside that is still quite intact.
We continued on a boat to Cat Dua Island, also known as Monkey Island, because there are many wild monkeys here. Within a 3km radius of Cat Dua Island, with smooth stretches of white sand and a gentle slope, tourists can sunbathe on a sunny and windy beach or go along the coast to pick up marine shells.
Late in the afternoon, when the ship returned to Cai Beo wharf of Cat Ba Island, we visited the Fort Than Cong Relic, which is 177m above sea level. Than Cong Fortress was built in 1942 at a strategic location at the gateway of the East Sea. This is a historical evidence of the army and people of Cat Ba island district with the task of preserving the waters of the country.
From this fortress, we can fully admire the beautiful wild landscape of Cat Ba Island in the sunset when the red sun shines behind the mountains. Cat Ba Island appeared lively and romantic with anchored fishing boats, floating restaurants on the sea and many resorts located at the foot of the mountain gradually lit up like stars on the sea.
On the weekends, Cat Ba is busy with trams running along the town to take customers to look for cool and souvenir shopping. Outside the beach, the campfire light of each group of guests organized an outdoor buffet.

Cat Ba Island Resort
Cat Ba Island Resort

Cat Ba National Park

The next morning, the car rolled to take everyone on the winding pass roads, along the edge of the sea with charming landscape to go to Cat Ba National Park. Walking under the old forest canopy of hundreds of years old, we seem like we are entering the colorful biodiversity world of Cat Ba National Park.

These are precious medicinal plants, old trees with big roots reaching out all the way, rocks crabs, wild snails, geckos. Not only admire the beauty of flora and fauna, visitors can also enjoy the sound of mountains and forests with the sound of animals mixed with the sound of rustling leaves.

According to Mr Tu, a guide of Cat Ba National Park, due to the geological tectonic process and the sea encroaching on the land about ten thousand years ago, the forest of Cat Ba island is a wet tropical forest on limestone. Cat Ba National Park is a combination of terrestrial forest ecosystems, marine mangrove forests and near-shore coral reefs.

Following the trail of the National Park, we continue to drive visitors to Trung Trang cave. Under the rare light from the lights in the cave, people can admire the magical beauty of the crystal-shining stalactites, the stalagmites are considered as gold columns, silver columns in the legend of Trung Trang’s princess of the cave.

Trung Trang Cave is about 300m long through the mountain, a cave created by nature over thousands of years of history, and is home to many species of creatures such as bats, birds, insects and reptiles.

cat ba island

Besides, exploring the ground in Cat Ba Island archipelago and admiring the beauty of various stalactites at Gia Luan, Hoa Cuong, Quan Y, Thien Long caves also makes visitors feel like they are lost in heaven. the way of the world. The cave system associated with famous historical sites located in the primeval forest in Cat Ba National Park has become a destination for many tourists.

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