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Ba Trai Dao – Lan Ha Bay Kayaking, Swimming Tours

Ba Trai Dao beach is a cluster of islands located in the Southeast of Halong Bay, near Cat Ba Island, in Halong City, Quang Ninh Province. The island consists of 3 small islands about 23m high, looks like 3 peaches, so it has a very close and familiar name is Ba Trai Dao. It takes about 10 hours from Bai Chay tourist boat to go by canoe to Ba Trai Dao beach.
Regarding the legend of Ba Trai Dao island, legend has it that: Once upon a time, Ut fairy fell in love with a poor fisherman who fought in Halong honor. Because she wanted him to live forever with her forever, Ut the fairy stole three peaches for him to eat. Ngoc Hoang knew that he was very angry that he used magic to turn three elves into three stone islands. Today, Ba Trai Dao Island is an interesting tourist destination for those who love adventure.

Lan Ha View
Lan Ha View

Ba Trai Dao beach is beautiful, fine white sand, clear blue sea water, beautiful sunny days, visitors can see to the bottom of the water. Compared with other beaches on Halong Bay, Ba Trai Dao beach is shallower, sometimes only wading to knees. Because the surrounding is rocky island, the beach is quite windy and safe. The cliffs above the beach create strange shapes that make visitors extremely excited to come here to take photos associated with this impressive scene once …

Lan Ha View
Lan Ha View

In addition, above the rocky mountain is a rich variety of plants, including wild flowers with vibrant colors, creating a vivid natural landscape picture. But not always here, visitors can also admire and be immersed in this beautiful beach. Because high tide will submerge the entire sandy area, the beach usually only takes 2-3 hours of bathing a day. Therefore, if you want to swim in the sea, before coming to this area, you should remember to carefully study the country’s calendar

Ba Trai Dao View
Lan Ha View

How To Come Ba Trai Dao Beach

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