Ba Ham Lake- Discovery Ba Ham Lake Halong Tour 2021

Ba Ham Lake – Halong Tour Update-2021

Located in the southwestern part of Ha Long Bay, Ba Ham Lake is located on Dau Be Island in Lan Ha Bay, in the middle of a narrow rectangular sea valley with four vertical high mountains creating a beautiful natural landscape. such as a fairy scene that gives visitors a sense of relaxation and peace.
Ba Ham Lake in Halong is a system of three large circular sea basins, connected to each other through a narrow, winding cave. Colorful stalactites descend from the ceiling of the cave with many strange shapes. On the island are species of trees such as orchids, si, banyan, celery … four seasons green, fragrant and fragrant with flowers, which is also home to the gathering of yellow-feathered monkeys, birds, flying squirrels, bats … That blue water is the vibrant life of many seafood species.
These caves are quite long and dark, sometimes with falling light slots. The cliffs near the cave entrance have many orchids and roosters. At the end of the second cave is an ancient star fruit tree that squirrels, monkeys, and parrots come to eat. The third cave has many butterfly bats, the cave is very beautiful, the bottom of the cave can be seen and fish swimming there. There are always have bamboo boat rowing by fishing man waiting for tourist and transfer to the lake. Each entry and exit takes 45 minutes on average. Tourists have to pay the boat according to the agreed price of 40-50 thousand VND / trip. Before leaving the boat, remember to bring the lifeboat.
The water in the blue lake is so beautiful. Sometimes, I have to borrow words from writer Nguyen Tuan to describe Co To sea water and write for lake water, I also hope to find something related in the same system of lakes and caves in Ha Long Bay. “Green like a young banana leaf? Green as an old banana? Green as the fall of Vong village? Blue as a wedding dress, okay? Or as green as a page of human history, when people have to write in bamboo?
Or the petroleum green of those who lack homeland? Alas, it was as green as the green of emerald, or alas, as green as the hope of the broken door. Said to finish the blue color of the lake water when changing colors, when receiving light from the blue sky, and then from the bottom of the lake is deep.
From the mouth of the lake, visitors will enter the first cellar: a stalactite forest with purple, pink, blue, white colors … falling into the water surface like a banyan root, si root. The deeper the dark. The bottom of the cave is deep and clear, you can see each flock of fish swimming freely. Going about 100 m deep, there is a stream of light shining from the ceiling of the cave, guests will see a variety of orchids sticking around the cliffs, marigold trees scattered in the rocky ravines, soft yellow-leaf ponytail cluster.
The second cellar has an old starfruit tree growing on the southeast wall, flowering all year round. Swarms of yellow-haired monkeys, flying squirrels, silver-headed parrots … gathered on branches. The third tunnel is a cliff from the second and passes through a cave about 5 minutes. This is the habitat of bats and butterflies.
In the quiet space, only the sound of the paddle rattling the water, the boat swimming in the lake is like swimming in the deep deep well, the four vertical cliffs, the Ba Ham Lake is one of the most wonderful scenes of Ha Long bay travel, brings visitors to discover, experience and enjoy the ideal of their journey to explore Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh.

ba ham lake
ba ham lake

How Beautiful Ba Ham Lake-Halong Bay

The fishermen will paddle you through the cave to enter the Ba Ham lake, the silence of the cave is suddenly disturbed by the paddle of the people rowing through the cave, you can see many stalactites on the ceiling of the cave with many other colors. together. The flora and fauna here are quite abundant, there are many wild flowers with many different colors. Creating a magnificent color on the island surrounding the lake, in addition to the home of monkeys, birds, squirrels, lizards, bats … in the lake you can see many species of fish swimming, and A heavy stillness in the middle of the lake, one can only hear birds singing or somewhere chasing animals on a branch.

Ba ham lake






It is a perfect scene bestowed by nature, the combination of green mountains and water in the lake is like a picture with the bright sky. When entering the cave can be a bit dark, but it is enough for you to observe the beauty of the cave, you have 2 options to explore Ba Ham Lake, either on a bamboo boat ride or kayaking into the lake. This will be a great experience for any traveler

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