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Ma Da Valley Jungle Hiking

08.00 AM

The luxuriant Ma Da Valley shelters the spectacular Tra Ang Cave within a deep jungle setting (Ma Da Valley Jungle Hiking). It offers a marvelous opportunity for those who wish to escape into nature for a while. As you make your way through the Ma Da Valley you will be enveloped by a cool green world and the peaceful sounds of streams and forest.

Ma Da Valley is a large and relatively flat valley surrounded by magnificent limestone mountains with large expanses of primitive forests, rich in rare species of trees and abundant flora. Here you are immersed in nature to treat your lungs to endless fresh forest air. You will feel a world away from the congestion and noise of bustling urban life. When you come to Ma Da you will experience the origins of the water cycle on which all life depends – the mountain forests which collect the rain into cool clear streams that flow down into the river as it makes its way to sea.

After a pleasant trek through the lush jungle you will arrive at Ma Da Lake where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in its crystal waters. Ready for more, we now head on again through the forest towards our next destination of Tra Ang Cave. On arrival you will find your appetite sharpened by all this walking and swimming, so we now prepare a tasty lunch for you to enjoy as a reward for your efforts.

Following lunch, for those wishing some more active adventure, you can join the guide for an exhilarating swim through cool blue water which takes us 600 metres inside the magnificent Tra Ang Cave. Here you will find countless stalactites and stalagmites in an amazing variety of shapes and designs like melted wax architecture which has taken thousands of years to form through the patient processes of nature. This is a swim which will surely inspire your imagination and give you much to contemplate on the return walk back out of the forest.

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8:00: Pick up at the hotel in Phong Nha and transfer to our base
8:30: Team meeting to plan the trip, clarify rules and regulations in the National Park.
8:45: Depart for Ma Da valley by van.
9:00 Arrive at the trek departure point and start trekking through the jungle to the Ma Da valley.
10:00 Reach Ma Da Lake and the opportunity for a swim in its crystal waters
11:00 Begin trekking to Tra Ang Cave.
12:00 Arrive at Tra Ang Cave and have lunch
13:00 Swim into Tra Ang Cave to explore 600 metres within
15:30 Begin trekking back to Ho Chi Minh road.
16:30 Arrive at Ho Chi Minh road and enjoy a refreshing cold drink
17:00 Drive back to Phong Nha and your hotels.
17:30 Tour ends

moderate. For physically active guests.
* MINIMUM AGE: 8 years old.
Long pants and long sleeved shirts, Good trekking shoes, Dry bags, Swimwear, Travel towel, Insect repellent, Hat, Sunglasses.