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Abandoned Valley Trek (Phong Nha Cave)

07.30 AM

The Abandoned Valley is located in a remote area of the World Heritage site of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.  Abandoned Valley Trek (Phong Nha Cave) tour explores the Vietnamese tropical forest and the history of the Vietnam-American war as you make your way alonga section of the Ho Chi Minh trail. This trail was cut into the jungle during the 1950’s and used as a supply route during the war. It was regarded as one of the great achievements of military engineering of the 20th century. Here you will immerse yourself among hundreds of massive trees, descend narrow paths, skirt around boulders and under low-hanging vines. You will trek upstream to the rarely visited exit of the Dark cave. Equipped with your safety gear, you will then explore 500m into the mouth of the cave. After your eyes reajust to the sunlight upon coming back out of the cave, you will then trek 2km upstream to the Hang E cave (Water Paradise) where you can swim in a crystal clear natural spring, and enjoy watching as bats swoop in and out of the cave. Hang E is one of the most beautiful river caves in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and is in a completely unspoiled environment.

Upon returning to the jungle, you will have sharpened your appetitie for the savoury barbecue lunch so you can regain your energy and rest up before the second half of your Abandoned Valley Trek (Phong Nha Cave) day.

After lunch we head back (5km) trekking through the Abandoned Valley. On this portion of the Abandoned Valley Trek (Phong Nha Cave) tour you will wade across streams, cross over natural fallen tree bridges, and enjoy the songs of the tropical bird calls all around.

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07:30 – Pick up at the hotel in Phong Nha and transfer to our base

08:00 – Team meeting to plan the trip, clarify rules and regulations in the National Park.

08:30 – Depart for Abandoned Valley by van.

09:00 – Arrive at the trek departure point and start jungle trek to the Abandoned Valley.

11:00 – Arrive at the Dark Cave entrance.

11:00 – 12:30 Explore 500m inside Dark Cave.

12:00 –Arrive at the entrance of Hang E cave, BBQ lunch, swim in the crystal clear spring from Hang E, and explore Hang E river cave.

15:30 – Start trekking on a different trail in the Abandoned Valley to Ho Chi Minh road.

17:30 – Drive back to your hotel.

moderate to strenuous. For physically active guests.
* MINIUM AGE: 8 years old.
Long pants and long sleeved shirts, Good trekking shoes, Dry bags, Swimwear, Travel towel, Insect repellent, Hat, sunglasses.