Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 days 03 nights is the best choice with any one want to get great experience with home stay in Sapa. 
Here some information about Sapa before you do trip Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days 03 Nights Trip
Hanging over 5000 km square with the population of 6000 people, with lush greenery of mountain ranges is just the beginning of your expedition to the jade of Far East. Imagine a land lush in tropical forest and emerald rice terrace fields and a land alive with very colorful tradition and culture. The trek brings you though the excellent views of the valley, the magnificent limestone and paddy fields of H’mong village will be introduced, visits to local families and reach their customs and the Cat Cat waterfall will be visible. The best way is do trip Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days 03 Nights then you can feeling how awesome about Sapa culture.

Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days 03 Nights
Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days 03 Nights

Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days 03 Nights & Location.

Located in the northwest of the country, Sapa is a highland district of Lao Cai province, a land of humility, quietly but hides many wonders of the natural scenery. The natural landscape of Sapa is combined with human creativity along with the topography of the mountains and the green of the forest, as the picture is arranged in a harmonious layout creating a region with many scenes. attractive poetic color.

From Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days 03 Nights, you can see so beautiful clouds cover the mountain. Immersed in the clouds floating the town of Sapa like a city in the fanciful mist, painting a charming painting. Here, there is an invaluable resource that is a cool, fresh climate, with many diverse shades. Located at an average altitude of 1500m – 1800m, Sa Pa’s climate more or less brings the nuances of temperate land, with an average temperature of 15-18 ° C. From May to August there is a lot of rain.

sapa vietnam village girls
Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days 03 Nights

Sapa History & Sapa Adventure 

Sapa got this name from mandarin. Mandarin calls Sa – Pa, “Sa” is sand, “Pa” is the beach. The landmark of this “sandy beach” is to the right of the 32nd kilometer bridge from Lao Cai to Sapa. In the past, there was no Sapa town. Residents of this land all had a market on that “sandy beach”. Therefore, local people all say “going to Sapa market”.

From the two words “Sapa”, Westerners had no accents, so Sapa became Sapa and they wrote in French the two words “Cha Pa” and for a long time they all called “Cha Pa”. in the sense of the Vietnamese word.

Nowadays, Sapa town, in the past, had a geyser that was extruded in red, so the locals called “Hung Ho”, “Hung” was red, “Lake” was ha, the stream and stream were red.

Sapa has the peak of Phan Si Pang, 3,143 m high on the Hoang Lien Son range. Called Hoang Lien Son, because only on this mountain range there is Hoang Lien tree, a rare and precious medicinal herb. In addition, the Hoang Lien range is also a “beak” of precious wood species such as oil pine, bird and animal, such as grouse, bears, monkeys, antelope and thousands of medicines. Hoang Lien Son National Forest has 136 species of birds, 56 species of mammals, 553 species of insects. There are 37 mammal species recorded in the “Red Book of Vietnam.” Hoang Lien Son forest has 864 plant species, including 173 species of medicinal plants.
Ham Rong mountain

Sapa has Ham Rong mountain right next to the town, any visitor can go there to see the whole town, Muong Hoa valley, Sapa, Ta Phin hidden in the smoke. Currently, with embellished human hands, Ham Rong is truly a fruitful landscape of Sapa. And, if anyone went to Shilin (Yunnan, China), Ham Rong can also help you imagine Shilin. Going to Ham Rong, tourists feel like lost in the fairy garden, clouds are full of body, colorful flowers on the ground.

So stay with Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days 03 Nights closer with nature and more understand with many culture in Sapa. Sapa tourism also has an old church in the town and from the town going northeast on the way to Ta Phin cave, there is a monastery built almost entirely of stone on a clear and airy hillside. Passing the monastery, walking three kilometers north to reach Ta Phin cave with a width that could accommodate a number of regimental size of the army. In the cave, there are many stalactites, creating interesting shapes such as dancing fairy figure, sitting group of elves, fields in the distance, sparkling forests.

Especially in Muong Hoa valley, there are 196 islands carved many strange pictures of ancient inhabitants thousands of thousands of years ago that many archaeologists have yet to decipher. Ancient carvings have been classified as a national monument.

From Sapa town, about 12km west on the way to Lai Chau, we will meet Silver Falls with streams of water rushing from a height of over 200m creating an impressive mountain and forest sound.

Sapa is the “kingdom” of flowers and fruits, such as peach blossoms, big yellow peaches, small yellow peaches, plum, purple plum, tamarind plum, lilies, plum blossoms, pear flowers, peach blossoms, chrysanthemums, flowers. pink … especially the immortal flower that lives on with time.

Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days 03 Nights you will have chance to know all ethnic culture in Sapa. Sapa with 6 ethnic groups also resides, each ethnic group has its own cultural capital with festivals such as the “Rooong póc” festival of the Giay Ta Van, the festival “Sa San” (mountain bike) of the Mong people, “New Year’s Dance” ceremony of the Red Dao, all takes place in Tet every year.

Sapa View

Sapa Market During Time Stay At Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days o3 Nights

Sa Pa’s fair is held on Sunday in the district capital (Sa Pa town). People in remote areas have to go from Saturday. On Saturday night, everyone enjoyed each other with folk songs of the Mong and the Dao, with the sounds of the lips, the flute, the Mong khene, and the full bowls of wine. age… and it is called “love market”


What You Need To Bring On Trip Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days 03 Nights

Should be bring passport with you to check in hotel, bring ATM card, trekking shoe, sun block, hat, sun glass, warm clothes, camera, phone. 

When The Best Time to Do Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days 03 Nights tour

Sapa is so beautiful weather, so you can come all around year time, but more beautiful in summer time from April to October, this time little bit hot but sunny season, you can see clear the Sapa and clouds cover the mountain.


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Sapa Home Stay Adventure 02 Days 03 Nights Itinerary Details.

Night 1: Guide and driver pick you up at your hotel and transfer to the Ha Noi Train Station to get the night train to Lao Cai station.
Meal: N/A
Accommodation: On Train

Day 1: Lao Cai – Sapa home stay

5.30am - Arrive in Lao Cai, transfer uphill to Sa Pa takes a little over an hour, giving you a glimpse of the stunning vistas and impressive rice terraces. You'll have breakfast in a local restaurant, and then meet with our local guide and drive (30 minutes) to the Golden Stream Valley, stopping at Ta Van village. Walk down through the village from the main road and start trekking to Giang Ta Chai village. The trekking route offers some challenge as you balance on the rice terraces and a small trail on the steep mountainside. The vegetation is dense as the trail leads up to a peaceful village perched on the Hoang Lien mountainside. Head downhill and relax by a local stream for a picnic lunch. In the afternoon, trek about 1.5 hours uphill before descending down to the quaint Tay hill tribe village of Ban Ho.
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Home-stay

Day 2: Sapa– Lao Cai

After breakfast, you will start the day with an easy trek on dirt paths. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the valley with its traditional stilt houses and rice terraces. Make your way along a stream to cross a hanging bridge before arriving in Nam Toong Village. In this picturesque valley, you'll pass some remote villages of the Red Dzao ethnic minority communities set amongst the rice and corn fields. After a picnic lunch, walk back to the meeting point where our driver is waiting to take you back to Sa Pa for a shower before transfer to Lao Cai train station.Have dinner and catch the night train depart at 20:20 back to Hanoi.
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch.
Accommodation: On Train

Day 3: Hanoi Arrival

Finish your Sapa tours with us in Hanoi train station. Our guide will pick you up for next tour or taxi by yourself to hotel

*Trip Includes:

  • Private car pick up from your hotel to Hanoi train station.
  • Train Ticket Hanoi – Lao Cai – Hanoi
  • Cabin: 04 berths cabinet, A/C, Wooden inside, Soft sleeper)
  • Local English speaking guide, Other languages upon your request
  • Twin /Double sharing Room at hotel in Sapa
  • Meal as mentioned in program
  • Sightseeing fees
  • Purified water and wet towel
  • Transportation as program
  • Taxes

*Trip Excludes:

  • Insurance
  • Personal expense (drinks, telephone…)
  • Tips and gratuities