Tra Bau Area

There are some well-known tours in the Cat Ba National Park, all very good ones. However, if you’d like to get off the beaten track for a bit more excitement there is a new fun destination to try – the fishing village of Tra Bau.

Tra Bau is located on Lan Ha Bay south of Ha Long Bay in Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong. In contrast to other busy tourist spots in Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay still preserves its original pristine beauty, and for those who venture this way, you will find that Tra Bau is a fine example.

In the space of a single day you can have a very enjoyable and authentic experience in the fishing village of Tra Bau as a real fisherman working alongside the locals in a traditional fishing boat and then manually processing the catch. Afterwards you might want to take it easy with some swimming and kayaking. Imagine the photos and stories you can impress your friends with!

All of this can be yours to enjoy on our Lan Ha Bay 2-day Cruise.