Thien Cung Cave

Known in English as the Heavenly Palace Cave, the primeval beauty of Thien Cung Cave will amaze you. Located in the southwest of Halong Bay, the cave covers 10,000 square metres and has become famous for its unique system of stalactites and stalagmites.

The internal structure of the Thien Cung Cave is quite complex, with multiple levels and a high ceiling. The range of the natural formations within Thien Cung Cave has given rise to various legends and folk tales, as well as offering a chance for your own imagination to run free. With light and wind flowing naturally through the cave it is indeed a pleasure to enjoy this beautiful, wondrous and ever-changing natural art work which has been evolving for over a million years.

On leaving the cave you will take with you a lingering sensation that you have just finished a tour to a massive art museum created by Mother Nature.