Hospital Cave (or Medical Military Cave)

This unique and fascinating historical structure is located in the Tran Chau commune within Cat Ba National Park. The entrance of the cave is located in the mountainside, accessible via easy trails, and surrounded by thick lush forests. The cave has a special atmosphere with sparkling limestone formations which emanate a sense of mystery and romance.


The Medical Military Cave was originally named Hung Son, discovered by a military general on his way to join the battle on the historic Bach Dang River. In the 1960’s, the interior of the cave was converted for use as a hospital to provide medical treatment for wounded soldiers. The hospital could accommodate more than 100 wounded soldiers. Amazingly, in addition to the many hospital rooms there are also swimming pools, movie studios and gymnasiums in the cave.

Despite the ups and downs of history the structure of the Medical Military Cave is still quite intact.

The building is securely enclosed with reinforced concrete, comprising two caverns about 200m apart. The hospital covers 3 levels and is protected by three thick doors. The Medical Military Cave is also equipped with its own sophisticated system of roads, drainage and ventilation.

In recent years cave tourism in Cat Ba is attracting more and more visitors. However, these days diversification is the key to success and so the area also offer eco-tours, mountain climbing, history ​​and architecture.

If you’d like to visit Medical Military Cave then we recommend doing it as part of our Lan Ha Bay 2-day cruise.