Hon Gai Port

Hon Gai Harbour – Hon Gai Tourist Wharf –  When tourism in Halong bay to be strongly developed, tourist wharfs are first impression gate of travelers’ satisfaction for Halong tours. Therefore expansion of tourist harbor is very necessary,  Quang Ninh government to expend Hon Gai Harbor is one of major tourist wharf to greet tourists in the recently years. The travel agents and Halong bay cruises and junks to improve their service from start to the end.
Halong bay  Cruises and Junks company hires the land of government to open the private gate to open lobby café and tea for greeting and farewell travelers in their style. So Hon Gai tourist wharf is not so bustling as Bai Chay tourist wharf, it is so quiet and private greeting door, to bring the comfortable and relaxing while traveling to visit the natural of the world. The experience of Halong Trip by entering into Ho Gai Tourist Wharf is crossing Bai Chay Bridge, one of the most beautiful cable stayed bridge in Vietnam and South Asia, by Bai Chai tourist coming this way to avoid the touristic area and traveling in your style, one of cruise and junk company to create the own travel route in Halong bay, that is Indochina Junks owns the most traditional junks and cruises such as:
Dragon Lend Cruise, Dragon Pearl JunkHuong Hai Sea Life and Huong Hai Sea star, Swan Cruises, Amira Cruises, White Dolphin Cruises, Garden Bay Cruises, Victory Star Cruises also is going on the unique way.
Hon Gai Port: 6A Le Thanh Tong Str – Ha Long City – Quang Ninh