Dark and Bright Caves

Dark and Bright Cave is a part of Lan Ha Bay which is well known for the stunning limestone structure and the interesting natural habitat. Also belonging to Cat Ba National Park, this amazing place is perfect if you are interested in kayaking and have a passion for nature.

There are two parts to this area – Dark Cave and Bright Cave. The Dark Cave is quite long and therefore harder for the light to penetrate, making it dark. Access is limited by the height of the tide. The Bright Cave, on the other hand, is short and well lit by the sunlight. It has a small arched entrance which makes it accessible only by kayaks and small boats. Once through the entry, you find yourself in a calm and very protected circular lake surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs rising up from the water. Look closely and you’ll find orchids adorning the cliffs with their sweet-scented flowers.

Immerse yourself in nature, admire the luxuriant vegetation, enjoy the fresh and peaceful atmosphere, and get some exercise – have fun on your trip to Dark and Bright Cave!

Make the most of these wonderful highlights of the region and visit Dark and Bright Caves as part of your Lan Ha Bay 2-day cruise.