Cua Van Floating Fishing Village

Cua Van Floating Fishing Village (also known as Van Gia Fishing Village) is located about 20 km from Halong Bay in a calm bay surrounded by mountains. The village can be reached by boat for a visit. Here you can enjoy the beauty and magic of an authentic floating village amidst a calm bay surrounded by majestic limestone mountains.

Cua Van has preserved the original features of the village as well as its traditional culture, thereby offering you the chance to relax and experience the villagers’ daily life in an exotically different world.

Cua Van Fishing Village is a place of charming beauty amidst the shimmering waters of Halong Bay. The lives of the people here, numbering 200 households, have not been disturbed by modern life. They are devoted to preserving the environment which has sustained them for countless generations in what is now the World Heritage Area of Halong Bay.