Ba Trai Dao Beach

The beach is called Ba Trai Dao is here by the three sandy-shaped arches embrace full of peach fruit. This place is associated with the legend of a romantic love of the beautiful youngest princess. Fall in love with a poor fishing boy. Because the Princess want her lover can alive forever. That the reason why she had sneaked the three peaches of the Jade Emperor to eat. But unfortunately the Emperor know. He turned the three peaches into three rocky mountains and caught the youngest princess return to heaven.

Ba Trai Dao Beach is beautiful scenery with clear blue sea and fine white sand. On sunny days, visitors can look to the bottom of the water. Compared to many other beaches in Lan Ha Bay, Ba Trai Dao Beach have a shallower water, more to the knees only. This beach is also quite windy and safe by the surrounding rocky islands. On the beach there are many cliffs with strange shapes for tourists to imagine themselves or have beautiful pictures to commemorate their trip.

Beside that, the mountains are extremely rich in plants with colorful wildflowers. That create a very lively landscape of nature. However, it is not always possible to bathe and admire the beautiful scenery here. As the tide rises, the whole area of ​​the beach will be submerged and usually one day, visitors can only bathe here from 2 to 3 hours. Therefore, before going to the beach of Ba Trai Dao beach. Please as cruise captain or tour guide.

Currently, Ba Trai Dao beach is one of the tourist attractions of Vinh Lan Ha, many yachts have chosen this is the landing stage for visitors to visit and bathing. If your cruise Lan Ha Bay do not miss this beautiful beach.

Your vacation Vietnam Ba Trai Dao beach will be perfect only if you choose the right company with well-planned tours. You can refer to the cruises listed in which was suggested by many tourists, to have a perfect vacation in Ba Trai Dao Beach.